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Ups and downs for World RX Team Austria in Hockenheim

Stohl after the first day sensationally 4th place, but unlucky in heat 3 and 4.

Both, Stohl and Pucher didn't reach the semifinals on Sunday

After a successful World Championship opening in Portugal, the next station was Hockenheim, Germany

After an unlucky start and a collision in heat 3 and 4 Stohl just reached the 14th place in the mid-term ranking. Only the first 12 are allowed to enter the semifinals, this was the early ending for Team Austria.

Stohl didn't felt comfortable in the open trainings: " Due to the dust, it wasn't possible for me to drive constantly. Furthermore I missed the gravel."

But after heat 1 and 2 Stohl was surprised, because he made it to the 4th place in the mid-term ranking.

Unfortunately the tide was turning with heat 3 and 4 on Saturday. Stohl disappointed: " I've failed my start in heat 3, so I was badly placed at number 16, but yet 8th rank in the mid-term ranking. At the last heat I tried to reach the pole position instantly, but unfortunately Rene Munnich (GER) and Andreas Bakkerud (NOR) sandwiched me. Due to that the intercooler broke. I had no chance and disembarked at the last place.

Max Pucher had technical Problems: After we repaired the air tube, the car runs perfectly in the warm ups. But in heat 3 the ALS tube bursted, so I had a bad start again and no power. But that's experience and we have to learn from it. The early date in Hockenheim had deranged our schedules. We are disappointed but not frustraded at all, because now we know that our basis is competitive. Like usual the devil is in the details. Most teams have many years experience in RX, but we just completed two races. We will learn from our setbacks and they will encourage our team!"

Pole position in Hockenheim Petter Solberg (Nor), second Reinis Nitiss (Let), third Timmy Hansen (Swe).