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"Action in Argentina“

After an invitation from the norwegian superstar Petter Solberg, Manfred Stohl was starting at the rallycross world championship finals in Argentina. Manfred Stohl actually accomplished a place in the semifinals.

Unfortunatelly he had an accident with the swedish guy Tommy Hansen. Thereby the suspenison arm from Solbergs second car, an Citroen DS 3 RX broke. But Stohl still was in a good mood: "Nobody can take away this experience, it was great fun!"

Not just the sportsman Manfred Stohl, but the businessman felt that his mission was fulfilled. Max Pucher, third place in austrian championship in rallycross last season, asked Stohl to build a new car in his company Stohl Racing. After his commitment in Argentina, he has a good overview, so he will be confident to build a rallycross car.

Apropos, Petter Solberg won the world championship finals in San Luis, Argentina.