A trip worth taking

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 Triumph in Romania

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 Wechselland Rallye 2014

RX World Championship Opening

World RX Team Austria was surprising itself. Stohl was reaching the Semifinals and Pucher the 19th place. Kristoffersson (SWE) won.

It was a rainy and windy season opening in Montalegre, Portugal. But at the foreruns we already knew that World RX Team Austria is able to stand the other Team's pace.

Stohl Racing Team was working hardly to finish the 2 Ford Fiestas, so there was no chance to run practical tests. Anyway, after a few meters at the foreruns, it was clear to see, the Ford Fiestas were reliable and successful.

Stohl reached the semi finals at the 12th place. After a sudden start he nearly reached the pole position. Unfortunately there was a really rough fight, which is usual for the semifinals.

Stohl was croweded to the gravel bed and fell back in the ranking.

Moreover, in the heat of the moment, there happend a mistake, which let him finish the semifinals at 12th place.

Altogether it was a very successful beginning and we are extremly proud of the whole team!