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Manfred Stohl

Date of Birth: 07th of Juli, 1972
Place of Birth: Vienna/Ausria
Martial status: unmarried
Profession: Master of Automotive Mechanic
Hometown: Gross Enzersdorf/Österreich
Rally Debut: 1991
Hobbies: Running, Mountainbiking

2006: 4th Place in the WRC World Championship Overall-Ranking (45 Points)
2006: 2nd Place Rallye Wales
2006: 3rd Place Rallye New Zealand
2006: 3rd Place Rallye Australia
2006: 4th Place Rallye Argentinia (This was Manfred's 100. WC-Run)
2006: 3rd Place Rallye Mexiko
2006: 4th Place Rallye Monte Carlo, including wins in the 17th und 18th run
2005: 9th Place in the Overall-Ranking at the FIA Rallye-World Championship - scoring 22 points - best private pilot of the Ranking
2005: 3rd Place Rallye Australia
2005: 2nd Place Rallye Cyprus
2000: Rallye-World Champion Group N
1998: finishing in 1st Place in Monte Carlo, Corsika and Great Britain at the Group N race

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