Manfred Stohl
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Ilka Minor
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Rudi Stohl
Audi Quattro S2

 Andreas Aigner
Stohl Racing Rally Team

The tradition contuniues
Rudi Stohl was overjoyed when his son Mandred followed his lead and joined the international Rallye-scene. In 1991 the Stohl team got a sponsordeal with the OMV, which gave the Austrian mineral oil group the opportunity to test their top class products during Rudis longturn-drives and Manfred's Rally-runs.

And the fun doesn't stop there
A 2nd place at the Akropolis Rallye 1995 and a 4th Place at the Rallye in China are proof that Rudi's carreer isn't about to end. Even if the rallye preparations for his son, as Manfred is about to become one of the top pilots in the WRC, does take more time than before, Rudi won't stop rallying for a long time - that's for sure. So watch out for Mr. Stohl senior ;-)

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