Manfred Stohl
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Ilka Minor
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Rudi Stohl
Audi Quattro S2

 Andreas Aigner
Stohl Racing Rally Team

Rudi Stohl becomes WRC-Runner Up
A win in the Group A race in the Rally Akropolis right before Kenneth Ericsson and his VW Golf, as well as the victory in the Rally Bandama where the main reasons for Rudi becoming the Runner Up in the World Championship and being voted Sportsman of the Year in Motorsports for the second time.

Challenging the Factory Teams
In the following years the World Rally Championship became a battle of top-marterial due to the big budgets of the factory teams thus it became nearly impossible for the five private Pilots includig Rudi Stohl to finish in a top position - for example: a factory team had more than twice the budget for each race as a private had for the whole season. But even this inferiority in materials and budget were no reason at all for Rudi to give up, because there were Rallys in which courage and staying power were more important than first class materials.

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