Manfred Stohl
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Ilka Minor
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Rudi Stohl
Audi Quattro S2

 Andreas Aigner
Stohl Racing Rally Team

The First Achievements
And he was right. In 1980 he started in the Rally Himalaya with his Lada and finished in 5th position right behind opponents like Sheka Mehta (Opel) and Achim Wambold (Toyota).
Two years later he finished second, which was the breakthrough of his carreer and became Sportsman of the Year in Motorsports in 1982. In 1983 the team Rudi Stohl / Franz Wurz won the Rally Argentina (Group A) with their Audi 80 - which was the first ever win of an Audi in a World Championship run in Group A.

Since 1985 the charismatic Pilot drives only Audi cars in races all over the world. Being a fighter and always helpful when his oponents needed him made Rudi to one of the most beloved Pilots in the international Rally scene.

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