Manfred Stohl
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Ilka Minor
Stohl Racing Rally Team

 Rudi Stohl
Audi Quattro S2

 Andreas Aigner
Stohl Racing Rally Team

Once Upon A Time
At the close-by airfield in Aspern Rudi Stohl first came face to face with motorsports. This old military-airfield in the vicinity of Vienna was the hot-spot of circle-course-runs in the 1960s.
When Rudi was a motor mechanic at Austro Fiat he first saw a Rally car which was prepared for a customer and it didn't take long before he got the idea of driving a Rally car himself.

The First Steps
In 1969 he bought a damaged Moskvitch car and startet preparing it for his first ever Rally. He started it in the Elan Youngsters and Military Rallies - but without any nameable results.
He tried to compensate the lack of horsepower by sheer courage - but that often lead to wild rushbacks and offroad rides. In the following years Rudi got many experiences as a driver and as a co-driver in Puch, Fiat or Prosche cars.
After his first WRC-Run in the Rally Akropolis he recognized, that with his small budget as a mechanic and his talent in Rally-driving, he could probably be better off in extreme Rallys.

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