Basic Structure

 Stohl Racing Concept

 Application Overview

3. Stohl Racing Concept

As commonly used systems for OEM vehicles, and aftermarket conversions intended for daily use road going vehicles are neither reliable, nor powerful enough to withstand the abuse caused at racing circumstances (especially in rallies) and to ensure the competitiveness of the car they are applied to, a lot of research and development work had to be done to construct a system meeting the above requirements. The following points are only an overview, listing the main points of our motorsport dedicated CNG-R system.

  • Monovalent concept
    Instead of using a bivalent concept, by means of the existence of a low volume petrol tank for starting purposes, besides the regulation requirements, it was clear for us that a true CNG race system must be able to work without any use of other energy storing fluids.
  • Sequential injection
    While many systems are realised, by adding 1 single injector to supply the necessary amount of CNG to all cylinders, the high levels of accuracy needed in racing applications exclude such a structure. As a conclusion, we decided the use of 1 injector per cylinder.
  • Electronically controlled pressure regulator
    In order to have full control over the rail pressure, thus being able to compensate this depending on nearly all process influences, the use of a PID controlled pressure regulator was indispensable.
  • Type 4 CNG cylinders
    To reach the lowest possible weight, whilst still meeting highest security standards, we exceptionally use Type 4 (no usage of metallic materials) storage devices.
  • MoTeC ECU
    While often an additional ECU is used to control the CNG system only, our system utilizes 1 single control unit for all engine processes, resulting in a user friendly and reliable control system. Being a MoTeC unit, it ensures full control over all necessary functions needed to run a race car.